Embroidery has been around since 700 AD and companies of all sizes have been using it to stand out from the crowd and look professional. Over time there have been a ‘few developments’ and as you can see today with the high-quality thread and efficient machinery things have come on leaps and bounds. We at Surf Stitched only use the highest quality threads and choose the best threads for your industry. For examples

  • Do you work in a car garage or a warehouse where you must wash your clothes often at elevated temperatures? – We would tailor the thread to be washable up to 60 degrees without the colour fading and cleaning your clothes.
  • Do you work in a fabrication factory or work with flammable substances? – I know you would want flame retardant clothing but often people forget to make sure the thread is flame retardant. When we embroider with this thread it comes with a certificate for you and the clothes to ensure your PPE is of the highest standards.
  • Do you work in more of a corporate business centred job? In this type of profession having a bespoke and clean-cut look is crucial. We know your work wear needs to stand out and that’s why we choose the be brightest most vibrant colours. Also in this industry, you need the thinnest but strongest backing because material such as shirts and other office wear is of thin material. That’s why we produce all our corporate wear with the highest quality backing and thread.

Through digitisation and strides in computing software, we have sped up the process of designing and embroidering fabric. Using industry-leading technology has made it more effective and efficient to get garments embroidered faster. We will always try our utmost in the realms of realism to hit any of your deadlines you may have on clothes.


  • Best option if you need medium or long runs of workwear
  • Long lasting
  • Suits most professions
  • Perfect for company logos
  • Brilliant for personalisation ( e.g names of employees)
  • Fantastic durability
  • Can embroiderer most garments
  • Is your best option if you order garments regularly (new employees/ new clothes every year for your workers)