Transfer printing is a brilliant way to personalise clothing and really make it your own. This form of printing can really capture a picture or an image perfectly on a garment. Transfer printing can look exceptional with logos and block lettering. This process of garment making is usually suited to simple designs and lettering. Heat Pressing is all done by hand and requires the highest level of craftsmanship to create your desired product. Vinyl / PU transfer printing is normally suited for smaller quantities. For larger runs, please see our page on heat applied Screen Print

Transfer print is perfect for smaller businesses who may only want a small number of garments. This method of garment decoration is perfect for ‘Stag do’s’ and ‘Hen Parties’ as you can personalise your clothes and really be creative in how you want your garment to look. Transfer printing really has no boundaries to what you can do or place onto a garment. We have a graphic design team who is always on hand to help you create your perfect design.